Space and Facili

Name of the spaceNo.Area(m2)PurposeFacilities and equipment
Innovative Green Technology LabE20380Meng-Wei Wan, I-Pin ChenAdvanced waste water treatment technology, heavy metal removal by biodegradable materials, clean energy technology on fossil fuel, the innovative technology and management of hot spring water
Leading-Edge Environmental Technology LabE20480Chia-Yuan Chang, Hsiao-Hsuan MiRecovery of phosphorus from domestic and industrial effluent by membrane bioreactor, bio-ethanol and bio-gas production by anaerobic membrane bioreactor, cooking oil fumes treatment, trace organics analysis; PAHs and heavy metals on PM2.5, PM2.5-10 in ambient air verification and analysis on source maps of air pollution
Soil and Sediment Remediation LabE20580Suen-Zone Lee, Kuang-Chung Yu, Li-Chu Tsai, Chi-Ru YangSolubilization of heavy metals from sediment of rivers at pilot plant with rotary bioleaching method, Effect of functional groups of sacrificial reagents on the treatment of Cr(VI) and nitrate via photocatalysis induced by UV and solar irradiation, combined mild soil washing and compost-assisted phytoremediation in treatment of silt loams contaminated with heavy metals.
Aerosol Technology/Air Quality Research LabE30480Ying I. Tsai, Kuo-Jung HsienFeasibility studies on recycling of spent activated carbon, long-range transport and source apportionments of air pollution, nano/submicron particle number size distribution and chemical characterization of incense burning
Membrane technology and bio-technology LabE401160Jing-Song Chang, Shih-Hsiung Chen, Rey-May Liou, Cheng-Lee LaiTechnology of ceramic membranes ultrasonic technology on AOP, advanced micro-bubble technology on wastewater treatment, hollow fiber membrane technology, ultrathin coating technology for separation membrane, development of photo carbon catalyst, ultrasonic enhanced oxidation technology on pollution removal, hydrodynamic force enhanced technology on AOP
Ecological Engineering/Technology LabE406160Shuh-Ren Jing, Ying-Feng Lin, Shiow-Shyung LinNatural technology and sustainable environment, greenhouse gas emission and carbon sequestration by constructed wetlands, water and wastewater management for aquaculture industry by ecological technologies, recycling of macrophyte biomass harvested from wetlands.