PhotoNameTitleEducationProfessional ResearchContact
Suen-Zone Lee
Suen-Zone LeeProfessorPh.D., University of Delaware, USAHot Spring Water Resource Protection, Soil and Groundwater Remediation, Environmental Impact Assessmentmszlee@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Kuang-Chung Yu
Kuang-Chung YuProfessorM.S., National Cheng Kung UniversityThe Characterization and Remediation of River Sedimentation; Soil and Groundwater Remediation; Photo-catalytic Treatment Technology on Wastewater; The Synthesis and Application of Nanoscale Membrane; Hot Spring Water Quality Management and Recycling Technologykuachuyu@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Yih-Feng Chang
Yih-Feng ChangProfessor, DeanPh.D., National Cheng Kung UniversityEnvironmental Resource Management, Hot Spring Resource Managementyihfeng@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Cheng-Lee Lai
Cheng-Lee LaiProfessor, ChairPh.D., Yuan Ze UniversityMembrane Filtration; Water and Wastewater Treatmentclai23@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Shih-Hsiung Chen
Shih-Hsiung ChenProfessorPh.D., Chung Yuan Christian UniversityMembrane Preparation Technologies and Applications; Development of Environmental Catalyst and Applications; Advanced Oxidation Technology for Wastewater Treatment; Reduction Technologies for NO Removal; Catalytic Oxidation for VOCs Treatmentmshchen@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Jing-Song Chang
Jing-Song ChangProfessorPh.D., Asian Institute of Technology, THMembrane Technology; Solid Liquid Separation; Water and Wastewater Treatment; Noise Controlmchang@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Shiow-Shyung Lin
Shiow-Shyung LinProfessorPh.D., National Cheng Kung UniversityAdvanced Wastewater Treatment; Catalyst; Reaction Kineticsmdrlinss@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Shuh-Ren Jing
Shuh-Ren JingProfessorPh.D., Auburn University, USAConstructed Wetland Technology; Ecological Engineering for Wastewater Treatment; Reuse of Wastewaterjingsr@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Ying-Feng Lin
Ying-Feng LinProfessorPh.D., National Tsing Hua UniversityConstructed Wetland Technology; Ecological Engineering for Wastewater Treatment; Environmental Biotechnology; Biological Treatment of Wastewateryflin@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Chia-Yuan Chang
Chia-Yuan ChangProfessorPh.D., National Chiao Tung UniversityMembrane Bioreactors (MBRs), Membrane Processes and Advanced Oxidation Processes for Water and Wastewater Treatmentmcychang@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Rey-May Liou
Rey-May LiouProfessorPh.D., National Chung Hsing UniversitySoil Science; Catalytic Oxidation Technology for Wastewater Treatment; Environmental Microbiologymrmliou@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Ying I. Tsai
Ying I. TsaiProfessorPh.D., National Chung Hsing UniversityEnvironmental Nanotechnology, Aerosol Chemical and Optical Characterization, Air Pollution Control, Organic Markers of Biomass Burningmtsaiyi@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Hsiao-Hsuan Mi
Hsiao-Hsuan MiProfessorPh.D., National Cheng Kung UniversityHazardous Air Pollution & Aerosol Technology; Mobile Sources Emission and Control; Application on Fugitive Emission Studymihh@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Li-Chu Tsai
Li-Chu TsaiAssociate ProfessorM.S., National Taiwan UniversityAdsorption of Heavy Metal Ions from Wastewater Using Chemically Modified Agricultural and Forest Waste; Remediation of Groundwater Contaminants with Zero-Valent Nano-Iron; Improvement of the Dispersion and Immigration of Nanoparticles in GroundwaterRicky.tsai66@msa.hinet.net連結
Chi-Ru Yang
Chi-Ru YangAssociate ProfessorPh.D., National Cheng Kung UniversityAir Quality Management; Health Risk Assessment; Green House Gas Control Strategy; Environmental Trace Chemical Analysis; Green Inventionscryang@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
I-Pin Chen
I-Pin ChenAssistant ProfessorM.S., National Cheng Kung UniversityAdvanced Wastewater Treatment; Low Carbon Community System (LCCS) Assessmentmcybin@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Mu-Ya Horng
Mu-Ya HorngAssistant ProfessorM.S., Southwestern UniversityWater and Wastewater analysis; Environmental Microorganismhmyhmy@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Kuo-Jung Hsien
Kuo-Jung HsienAssistant ProfessorPh.D., National Cheng Kung UniversityWater Recycle Technology; Heavy Metal Adsorptionhhen003@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結
Cheng-Hsien Huang
Cheng-Hsien HuangAssistant ProfessorM.S., National Central UniversityWater Pollution Control; Water and Wastewater Analysis; Treatment of Water and Wastewaterhjs1177@mail.cnu.edu.tw連結